These testimonials are from actual customers who where kind enough to share their experience and feelings with their new Kanile’a ‘Ukulele. We understand how difficult it is to express over the internet how extraordinary our ‘ukuleles look and most importantly sound. These testimonial pages are to assist you in understanding the beauty and playability of our instruments.

The whole package!

Loving it - the look, the sound, the tone, the action - the whole package! Wayne F.

Flagship Ukulele

a high-quality instrument that is equally pleasing to look at as well as a joy to play....

K-3-C ukulele

I felt moved to send this to you since it has been almost a whole year since you made my custom K-3 tenor 4-string and sent it to me for my Christmas present bestowed upon me by my wonderful wife. She wouldn't let me open it until Christmas Eve, and the first impression was... Paul

Spread Aloha through Music

  • Ke kanile‘a maika‘i pū kākou!
  • The joyful sound that is pleasing to all!
    Ua hana i Hawai‘i nei
  • Made in Hawai`i