Reforestation Project


Joe and Kristen Souza, as co-owners of Kanile`a `Ukulele and proud parents of three growing sons, wanted to create a family business that could thrive, generation to generation. To do this, they needed to ensure that the prized Koa wood that was the primary focus of their instruments would be around for many years. In July of 2014 they acquired a parcel of land on Hawai`i Island, a small tract of rainforest primarily of koa and `ōhia lehua trees. They dubbed it Nani `Ekolu to represent their three sons (Kaimana, `Iokepa and Kahiau), the three surrounding mountains (Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and Hualālai) and the Three Greatest Things (Faith, Hope and Love).

But after spending time at Nani `Ekolu and seeing the impact of the native Hawaiian rainforest on our state’s ecology, they came to realize that it was more than just leaving an `ukulele-building business for their progeny; it was about leaving a better, healthier planet for them as well.

The Souzas learned how to safely clear invasive species from their land. They identified 38 different species of native Hawaiian plants and trees. They studied the newest innovations in high-yield propagation of the endemic flora and have shared their seed bank with others for the purpose of planting legacy trees on the Big Island.

It is from this small seed, this desire to leave a legacy of a business and a safe planet for their sons, that REFOREST HAWAII sprouted.

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